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Most of us can remember the wonderful flavor of our grandmother's apple pie. Perhaps her apple pie was more tasty and more flavorful than the ones we bake or buy pre-made at the supermarket or bakery because she used a true culinary apple, rather than an "all-purpose apple". Culinary varieties often are more firm, more tart, and are best used for cooking in sauces or baking.

Many heirloom apples are excellent culinary apples. Known for their taste and cooking ability, not only do these older varieties have great flavor, but they also hold their shape when baked and do not produce a soupy pie.

No two apple pies will have the same flavor or texture, and each apple blended with the same ingredients will produce a unique flavor. Try experimenting with flavors by baking with different combinations of heirloom varieties. You can also try baking with unpeeled apples, (so much of the flavor and aroma are found in the apple skin).

Once you begin to experiment with a variety of apples, you will discover the tremendous difference in flavor, as well as a far better consistency of the pie filling made with heirloom apples. Soon you won't want to bake with any other apples!



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